Are you thinking about renewing your closet for the summer? Do not do it without first analyzing the possible fashion trends for the beach, the pool and summer night outings. In this article we propose an analysis of tastes in 2018 so you can decide what you will use next summer.

What to wear in summer?

In a few months, the summer period will come and, as always, you will want to renew your wardrobe. Are you a fashion enthusiast or do you simply want to vary your look? Then you have to evaluate everything: colors, clothes, and swimsuits to show off on the beach. The following list may be helpful.



  • Stamped

In 2018, experts claimed that, even though monochromatic costumes are running to take over the scene, the prints could not compete.  In this category, they look from the most classic floral prints to the most innovative designs. The Caribbean is in fashion.

For last season, Primark released beautiful floral and striped prints. Sfera opted for a clear more formal style, incorporating the classic prints with flowers or paintings to its Spring-Summer 2018 line. Do not hesitate to check what you propose for 2019. With its designs, you can look elegant and fashionable wearing low-cost garments.


Bare shoulders and broad necklines, was the trend last summer. The same is expected for this year, a hairstyle that discovers your neck and neck, and the right ornaments will make you look like a runway model.

Midi Denim Skirt

We cannot forget the midi denim skirts, useful for casual outings but also the office. They survive time in the most varied styles: You will see them in many styles: asymmetrical, plaid, ruffled, flared, mid-knee, with folds.

Surely they will return this summer, choose the one that best suits your body and situation.

Short-sleeved shirt

Victoria Beckham brand has been responsible for positioning short sleeve shirts as one of the inevitable when thinking about what to wear in summer. Its main advantage is its adaptability to any occasion, especially if its design is discreet and light colors.


Climate change is causing great instability in the climate. Why not prepare for a rainy summer? The year passed, fashion experts chose to create raincoats that popularize an innovative term:  glamping.  It is a mixture of ‘glamor’ and ‘camping’. Thus, raincoats and windbreakers left the fields and mountains to immerse themselves in the cities.


The ultraviolet color: Pantone’s chosen one

A trend that has come to stay. If you like it and find it difficult to combine, try to do it with pastel clothes.

Lilac shades similar to Pantone’s, help us look trendy in the summer.

Yellow and green

Some point out that yellow and green will be a summer explosion, as a reference to street style  2018. What do you think?

And what about the swimsuits?

If we ask ourselves what to wear in summer, it is more than clear that swimsuits assume an ultra leading role. In this case,  the fashion of 2018 pointed to the bikinis of suspenders, bandeau, honeycomb tops and swimsuits.

A pastel tone, varied colors, stripes, and dots were the protagonists of our beaches. But what can we expect in 2019?

It is still too early to know, but always remember to choose swimsuits that enhance your figure and the color of your skin. The range of possibilities is already there soon to open and help us choose.


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