Wearing Clothes

When it comes to highlighting the best of us, clothing can be our best ally or worst enemy. Sometimes, we spend years wanting to modify parts of our body and, really, it’s almost impossible! Why don’t we transform that absurd odyssey and try to wear clothes to highlight the best of us?

How to wear clothes in your favor

Oliver Girondo , an incredible Argentine poet, once wrote:

“I dont know; I don’t give a damn that women have their breasts as magnolias or as fig raisins; a peach or sandpaper complexion. I give zero importance to the fact that they wake up with an aphrodisiac breath or with an insecticidal breath. I am perfectly capable of supporting them with a nose that would take the first prize in an exhibition of carrots; but yes! – and in this I am irreducible – I do not forgive them, under any pretext, that they do not know how to fly. If they don’t know how to fly, they lose time trying to seduce me!

In conclusion: the important thing is to feel good about the body that, whether we like it or not, has touched us. One of the keys is, precisely, instead of trying to modify the unmodifiable, highlight what makes us more beautiful, and know how to fly with what we have at hand .

Wearing Clothes

1. For short legs

Footwear is a great help. Needless to say that the heels are your best friends when stylize those legs . The taco needle is not recommended, except for special events.

In addition, spending a lot of time with this type of heel forces your leg muscles and can cause varicose veins . The ideal is the Chinese taco: it only takes a bit of elevation to generate an effect that seems magical.

If you wear Converse style shoes: avoid the booties! They make your legs look much shorter than they are. Therefore, the ideal is to use the low style: show your ankles and lengthen the legs .

The clothes cut at the waist creates the illusion that the lower part of your body is much longer: avoid wearing hipster jeans or skirts very low. The high shot, as in the 50s, will suit you much better .

2. For bulky bellies

If you are friends with extra pounds and want to hide your belly, of course, wearing tight clothes is not a good idea . Neither fabrics such as modal or lycra, which have to mark rust. The best is to use loose things.

Now, how not to look like a tent? The best thing you can do is to use a “princess” style, that is, that fits under your bust. In this way, you have a double benefit: it highlights the best of your neckline, and does not mark your belly . With leggings, it looks great.

3. For wide hips

If your hips are very wide and you may be uncomfortable, a great tip is to replace your ankle-tight pants with an Oxford cut, and that they go to mid- waist .

For the top, the best are those long garments, such as blouses or jackets that mark your curves, but that fall below the hip.

On the other hand, using large accessories , such as large ball necklaces will divert attention from your hips. Of course, horizontal stripes or giant prints are not recommended in this case.

4. For wide shoulders

Seeks to bring attention to other areas, and avoid square or boat necklines and wide sleeves, or strapless. It is best to wear wide brims, or “marilyn Monroe” style dresses that are tied behind your back, and necklines with deep V-necks.

As you can see, it is not difficult to highlight the best of us, the trick is knowing how to combine those garments that best suit our body. Of course, the most important thing is to feel comfortable with ourselves .


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