Living Room

The living room of a house is usually the area that is most used and where more time is spent. It is in this room, where the family meets and shares unique moments, is where we can give a touch of our own style. That’s why we give you some ideas to decorate a living room with recycled materials.

It is not necessary to invest large sums of money to have the hall of our dreams. With a little taste and originality we can recycle materials and, at the same time, have a stay with personality and charm. Here are some ideas to start.

Living Room

5 ideas to decorate a living room with recycled materials

1. Recycled wood boxes

To start, if we want to save ourselves the purchase of a bookcase or a room divider, we can use wooden boxes and stack them up to the height we need. We just have to make sure they are well sanded so as not to encounter any splinters or imperfections in the wood.

This option also allows us to paint the boxes with our favorite colors . Almost by magic we will have some shelves or bookstores where we can show off our decorative objects. If we are going to stack the recycled boxes, we should only be careful to screw them together , and in this way they will be safer.

2. Pallets and decoration

Pallets are a classic in decorating with recycled materials. We can use them to create a wide variety of furniture and rooms.

Secondly, the decoration with pallets has had a great acceptance in the design of thousands of businesses and homes. It is a clear example of how to recycle with style and creating environments where we will not want to leave. This economic proposal has endless applications and uses.

We can build a sofa with pallets to give an informal air to our living room. They can also be used as wall shelves or make a side table for armchairs. And let’s not forget the infinite possibilities applied to children’s leisure: file cabinets, beds, or even a small house or toy castle.

3. The wood

Wood is a noble material that never goes out of style. In addition, it has the quality of transforming any space into a unique place. An ideal solution to give character to a room with recycled materials is to reuse a restored roof beam.

In addition, with this material we can make vintage paintings or recycle an old staircase to give it another use as a bookstore, for example. We can also cover a whole wall with old recycled slats.

4. Recycled chairs ideal for your living room with recycled materials

When decorating with chairs of different style each family member can choose their site according to their tastes and personality.

If we want to dress our living room table in an original and daring way , we can use recycled chairs. There are many antique and second-hand stores where there is a wide variety of chairs to recycle and restore. Therefore, come and take a look and transform the chairs for your home with your preferences.

In addition, a fun idea is to decorate the living room with recycled materials is to put all the different chairs, one of each style . This simple way to personalize the space will make each family member have their favorite chair according to their personal colors or tastes.

5. The pictures and lamps

Finally, in the world of art and decoration, all ideas depend on their own criteria and tastes, so what for some is horrible for others can be charming. In addition, decorating your living room with recycled paintings can open the doors to your most creative and imaginative side.

  • You can make pictures as a collage or combined with fabrics. And a handkerchief as a tapestry?
  • Another option is to frame objects that matter to your family.
  • There are also textures, made with tree leaves or any material that inspires you and is harmonious with the space you are going to decorate.
  • In addition, any painting that includes family photos along with personal memories can be a very emotional option to decorate.

These are just some ideas to decorate the room with recycled materials. The magic of recycling is knowing how to see other artistic possibilities in used objects. Therefore, anything we do not use is likely to give a personal style to this room in our home. Dare yourself!


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